Ezykle Celebrates World Bicycle Day with Inspiring Event

Hyderabad, 4 June, 2024:  Ezykle, a leading innovator in electric bicycles, celebrated World Bicycle Day with an inspiring event that brought together cycling enthusiasts, community leaders, and distinguished guests to promote the benefits of cycling for health, sustainability, and community well-being.

The event organised at Prestine Prime Mall, Gachibowli, featured an impressive lineup of guests, including Chief Guest Mr. Mir Mothesham, Mr. World Silver Medalist and Mr. Srinivas D, CEO of Ezykle. The celebration highlighted the role of bicycles in fostering a greener and healthier future.

Mr. Mir Mothesham shared his journey and the importance of perseverance. Mr. Srinivas D spoke about Ezykle’s mission to revolutionize transportation through innovative electric bicycles.

Enthusiasts of all ages participated in a vibrant cycling rally, showcasing the joy and benefits of cycling. Attendees experienced hands-on demonstrations of Ezykle’s latest electric cycle models, highlighting their ease of use and eco-friendly features. Informative workshops on cycling safety, maintenance, and the benefits of electric bicycles were conducted, providing valuable insights to participants.

Ezykle's CEO, Mr. Srinivas D, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, "World Bicycle Day is a significant occasion for us to come together and celebrate the humble bicycle, a vehicle of change. At Ezykle, we are committed to making cycling accessible and sustainable for everyone, and today’s event is a testament to that mission."

Chief Guest Mr. Mir Mothesham added, "Cycling has been a vital part of my training and life. It’s heartening to see such passion for cycling here today. Events like these encourage a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner environment."

The event was a grand success, with the community showing great enthusiasm and support. Ezykle continues to lead the way in promoting cycling as an efficient, eco-friendly mode of transportation through their innovative electric bicycles.

For more information about Ezykle and their products, please visit www.ezykle.com or contact +91 9154674146

About Ezykle:

Ezykle is at the forefront of the electric bicycle revolution, dedicated to creating high-quality, user-friendly electric cycles that make cycling accessible and enjoyable for everyone. With a focus on sustainability, innovation, and community engagement, Ezykle is transforming the way we think about transportation.



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