Lakshya Kochhar stars as a Celebrity Son in TVF's 'INDUSTRY', following Bambai Meri Jaan's Success

After garnering acclaim for his portrayal of Ajju Kadri in Excel Entertainments hit series Bambai Meri Jaan on Amazon Prime, Lakshya Kochhar gears up for his next significant project- TVF's upcoming show INDUSTRY. Having left an indelible mark with his performance in Bambai Meri Jaan, Lakshya Kochhar emerges as a rising star, ready to explore new horizons as he steps into the shoes of Rocky, a star kid navigating the intricacies of the entertainment industry alongside a talented ensemble cast, in INDUSTRY.

Reflecting on his excitement for the project, Lakshya expressed, "I am thrilled to be a part of 'Industry'. Having worked with Navjot before, he thought of me for this integral role. After three rounds of auditions, I was finalized for Industry the very day Bambai Meri Jaan premiered. I had a fabulous experience working with TVF. The show focuses on performances, and it’s evident in the writing."

Preparing for the role presented Lakshya with a unique and immersive journey, Lakshya said, "I had to immerse myself in observing and researching various sources, to understand Rocky's character inside out. Despite his fame, Rocky struggles to find acceptance and respect in the industry. My focus was on exploring his humane side rather than just learning new skills. Rocky's story adds a fresh angle to the show, portraying a journey of growth and self-discovery in the world of filmmaking."

Industry, directed by Navjot Gulati, is set to stream live on Amazon Mini from June 19th.

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