Music Shop Murthy Movie Review

Movie: Music Shop Murthy
Starring – Ajay Ghosh, Chandini Chowdary, Amani, Amit Sharma, Bhanu Chandar, Dayanandh Reddy
Written & Directed By: Siva Paladugu 
Producers: Harsha Garapati & Ranga rao Garapati 
Co Producers: Satya Kishore Bachu, Vamshi Prasad Raja Vasireddy, Satyanarayana Paladugu
Banner: Fly High Cinemas
Music: Pavan 
Director Of Photography: Sreenivas Bejugam 
Editor: Bonthala Nageswara Reddy
Release Date : 14th June 2024

Music Shop Murthy Trailer 

For the first time Versatile Actor Ajay Ghosh is doing a lead role with film titled  Music Shop Murthy. The film is  released today with positive responses allover in the theatres. Music Shop Murthy movie is directed by Siva Paladugu and produced by Fly High Cinemas with Harsha Garapati and Ranga Rao Garapati as the producers.

Music Director Pavan composed tunes to this to this emotional entertainer and Sreenivas Bejugam has taken care of the cinematography.

Check out Ajay Ghosh and Chandini Chowdary starrer Music Shop Murthy Review below:


Story starts off in Vinukonda with a middle class man Murthy (Ajay Ghosh), who has been fond of music since his childhood. He runs a music shop in his town even though he doesn't have a sufficient income from the music shop. Situations turns worsen as his family members urges him to sell the shop and start cell phone business for family survival. 

Murthy shows least interest in starting the new business and hence he tries to upgrade his profession by learning the DJ Skills. Anjana (Chandini Chowdary) who is a passionate DJ comes into the life of Murthy in an surprising situation.

Will Murthy convince his family members to settle his career as a popular DJ? How Murthy is going to handle the situation is rest of the story.

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Ajay Ghosh is an asset for TFI for sure. He has given his best and entertains audience with his Nava Rasa performance throughout the film. The way he carried the film in his shoulder will definitely get applause in theatres for his natural acting skills.

Chandini Chowdary gets one more sure shot hit in her bucket. She has excelled perfectly in her role with few emotional dialogues

Bhanu Chandar gets a responsible father role with good emotional scenes

Aamani once again proves her versatility and has given her best

The other supporting roles by Dayanandh Reddy and Amit Sharma is impressive.


Director Siva Paladugu has succeeded in delivering the best narration throughout the film with simple screenplay without boring scenes. Looks like the director wants to make sure that no audience gets into the mood off skipping the scenes and diverting their interest on pressing their mobile phone keyboard while watching the film.

Production Values by Fly High Cinemas looks lavish and the film looks grandeur in both halves

Music and BGM by Pavan is decent

Editor Bonthala Nageswara Reddy has played the crucial role in editing the film and made sure not to attach any boring frames

Sreenivas Bejugam's Visuals are decent


Music Shop Murthy is a film where every family can watch it in theatres happily. The film has no vulgarity or unnecessary scenes and the director made this film as a proper Telugu cinema to watch this film in the weekend. 

Everyone will get connected to this film as it has the all the real life situational scenes. Both 1st and 2nd half of the film will definitely get good applause for its emotions and dialogues. Ajay Ghosh and Chandini Chowdary combination scenes worked out well throughout the film. 

Bhanu Chandar and Aamani has also played a major part in delivering the extraordinary performances.

Final Verdict:

Music Shop Murthy is an out and out Family Entertainer with a lot of emotions and natural performances by every character throughout the film.

RATING : 3/5

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