Namo Movie Review

Movie Name : Namo
Release Date : June 7th, 2024
Starring : Viswant Dudumpudi, Anuroop Katari, Vismayasri, Meka Ramakrishna,Vadlamani Srinivas and others
Director: Aditya Reddy Kunduru
Producers Alakunta Prashant
Banner: Sri Nethra Creations and Aarms Film Factory
Presenter: Madhan Kumar Pulluru
Music Director : Kranthi Acharya Vadluri
Cinematographer: Rahul Shrivatsav
Editor: Sanal Anirudhan

Hero Viswant Dudumpudi's Namo Movie released in the theatres today and scoring decent response from the audience. Namo Trailer looks promising and looks like the film has all commercial aspects to entertain the movie lovers in the theatre for sure.

Namo Telugu Movie Trailer


Nagesh (Viswant Dudumpudi) and Mohan (Anuroop Katari) are best friends and starts to ride into the forest to search Nagesh father who is a leader of the Naxalite group staying away from his family since long time. Nagesh wants to bring back his father permanently and spent quality time with his family members. However, things gets into unexpected twists when Nagesh and Mohan are trapped in a tribal place by the native people. What happens to Nagesh and Mohan in the forest is rest of the story.Did Nagesh meet his father?


Hero Viswant Dudumpudi proves his talent once again with good timing and expressions. His emotional performance in the pre climax scene is an asset for the actor.

Anuroop Katari was seen in full length role and the actor excels with his comedy timing and delivers good performance

Heroine Vismayasri justified her role as Ganga and gave an impressive performance in tribal girl role

Noted Artists Meka Ramakrishna and Vadlamani Srinivas has enough scope in the film and performed their roles with an ease in acting.

Virender Chauhan delivers best in an aggressive role as tribal group leader.

Nallamalla Adavilo Video Song


Though the film has a simple plot and predictable story line, the Director Aditya Reddy Kunduru has cleverly engaged audience with decent comedy and emotions carrying the film in both halves.
However, the film screenplay could have been better with much surprises.

Production Values by Sri Nethra Creations and Aarms Film Factory is decent

Music and BGM by Kranthi Acharya Vadluri is OK

Cinematographer Rahul Shrivatsav cranks camera with decent visuals

Editing by Sanal Anirudhan is crispy and could have been better in few scenes


The film Namo is completely picturized in the natural locations in a forest backdrop. Even though, the film starts off on a slow note, the director didn't take much time to reveal the plot and tried his best to engage the audience with comedy and emotional scenes. In General, most of the film plot has a hero and heroine on screen chemistry scenes in the forest trap kind of movies. But the makers has completely put this a side and tried to showcase most of the scenes on the two friends and their struggles to escape from the tribal people. This should be an interesting way to engage audience to pause for a few minutes.

Overall, the movie has good scope to entertain audiences with good dialogues and emotional content in both the halves for sure. As announced by the makers that Namo is a Survival Comedy film, the audience will definitely experience it as promised. 


NaMo is a NAgeshMOhan Show all the way

RATING : 3/5


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