Saiyami Kher says striving to always do unique work as she gears up for new roles and genres in Special Ops 2 and Agni

Since her breakthrough performance in "Ghoomer," Saiyami Kher has carved a niche for herself in the industry by portraying powerful and dynamic female-centric characters. As she embarks on her upcoming ventures, including "Agni" and Neeraj Pandey's "Special Ops," Saiyami reflects on her journey with gratitude and enthusiasm.

In her latest endeavor, "Agni," Saiyami steps into the shoes of a firefighter, embodying resilience and bravery in the face of adversity. With a commitment to authenticity and depth, she prepares to delve into the complexities of her character, promising audiences a gripping and compelling narrative.

Furthermore, Saiyami is set to captivate audiences in Neeraj Pandey's "Special Ops," where she will portray the role of an undercover agent. Known for her versatility and dedication to her craft, Saiyami embraces the challenge of portraying multifaceted characters with grace and conviction.

Reflecting on her journey, Saiyami expresses her gratitude for being recognized for her portrayal of strong female characters. She states, "I feel so blessed that all the roles I have done so far have been so different and so strong. Will always be grateful to the makers you have believed in me. It's a privilege to be able to portray characters that empower and inspire audiences, and I'm incredibly grateful for that. I really do hope I get to continue contributing to the portrayal of diverse and powerful narratives on screen. Each character has given me so much and made me a better person. And I guess that’s what I’m always striving for. My upcoming work is a true testament to this, that I get to work on varied roles, experiment with new genres”.

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