Padesave Movie Review

Padesave movie casting starring Karthik Raju, Nithya Shetty, and Shyam in lead roles has hit the screens today. Read Padesave Review on
Padesave is a youthful love entertainer, which surrounds around three young characters, and it is directed by Chuniya, who has earlier worked under directors Raghavendra Rao and Rajamouli. Nagarjuna has given his voiceover for the movie and promoted it.
Produced by Sabiha Sultana under Ayan Creations production house, Padesave has music by Anup Rubens.
Can Padesave manage to catch Tollywood audiences attention. Read Padesave Movie Review below.

Karthik (Karthik Raj) and Niharika (Nithya Shetty) are neighbors and childhood friends. Niharika falls in love with Karthik while the latter treats her only as a good friend. Niharika introduces her friend Swathi (Jaheeda) to Karthik, and he falls in love with her at first sight. 

But Swathi is engaged to another guy, and she is aware of Niharika’s feelings towards Karthik. How this triangular love story ends is the rest of Padesave.

Artists Performances 

Karthik Raj is okay when it comes to looks, but he sure needs to work on his expressions, and acting skills.

Nithya Shetty lacks glamour but she did a good job when it comes to performance. 

Jaheeda Shyam needs to work on her expressions.

Viswa Raj as friend’s hero did a fine job, and his comedy brings some relief. Ali fails to evoke laughs.

Raasi is good in the role of Yesteryear glamour queen. 

Naresh is regular and Anitha Choudary is brief. Others filled the screens. 

Technicians Role  

Cinematography is decent though nothing much to boast of.

Musical scores by Anup Rubens are pleasing, while the bgm is good in parts.

Dialogues go with the flow. Editing however is bad.

Chuniya’s direction is mediocre. Screenplay in the second hour is bad. Production values are standard for a low budget film.


Padesave is a routine triangular love story, we have seen in Tollywood n number of times. A Childhood friend falling for a guy, but the latter treating her as just friend is seen in several films in Telugu like Nuvve Kavali or Sontham, and the scenes between the leads Karthik and Nithya Shetty were also not refreshing enough.

Despite the routine storyline, a refreshing screenplay and emotional connectivity could have made Padesave a decent love story. But sadly, none of the things work here. The emotional impact between Rasi and Jaheeda is dealt in half-baked attempt, and even the love scenes lacked the passion, not to mention of the silly gay comedy. The wafer-thin storyline is told in uninteresting presentation, except for the pre-climax, when we have already given up our patience.

All in all, Padesave is a routine outdated story, suffered badly in almost all ways except for the decent production values.


Padesave- Falls Flat!


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