Srikanth's Terror Movie Review

Firstshowz brings you Srikanth's Terror Movie Review this friday. The film is released worldwide where Srikanth is playing a powerful cop role. Directed by Satish Kasetty and Shaikk Mastan is producing this film under Akhanda Bharat Creations Banner with Shaik Karima as the presenter.

Sai Kartheek provides tunes to this crime thriller. Read Terror Movie Review Below


Vijay (Srikanth) will be suspended on a strange cause where his personal life gets into trouble. Within no time, Vijay decides to open a pending case where the nation is going to face a serious issue with huge terror attack.

Vijay comes to know an important clue in the investigation where some of his colleagues from Police Department and Political Leaders were involved in the crime.

Will Vijay gets in track with all information on the terror attack? What is the reason behind his suspension is worth watching it on big screen.


Srikanth is back with a bang in his serious powerful cop role once again after his successful film Khadgam. He is ultimately a backbone to the entire script. His role gets all praises from critics and audience for his performance through out the movie.

Nikitha has nothing to do with her role and is limited for few scenes.

Kota Srinivas Rao, Ravi Varma and Nasser does thier jobs decently on thier portrayed roles.

Technical Department:

Director Satish Kasetty is the man behind this success and one should really agree what is he upto. The film has a sensitive point, and the director has cleverely narrated with stunning screenplay.

Sai Kartheek's Back Ground Score is extremely good.

Dilogues are neat and the screenplay is heart of the film.

Editing could have been better in second half of the movie.

Production Values by Akhanda Bharat Creations is rich.

Movie Analysis:

Terror Movie has thin line story, with interesting elements through out the film. Srikanth made his way back with this movie and gets in track with impressive performance.

Except for Entertainment, the film goes on interesting way with clever plot. The film is an eye feast for those who love crime thrillers and action drama.

Final Word:

Interesting Crime Thriller


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