Rizzle Announces Music Partnership with Aatma Music

Rizzle app, becoming a favorite among users and creators.

India, 11 November, 2021: Rizzle stands tall and prides itself on being India’s most innovative short videos app. To continue its streak of

introducing its users to incredible music, Rizzle has entered into an exciting partnership with Aatma Music. Rizzle users will have access to all of Aatma Music’s upcoming songs and their entire music catalog.

Aatma Music, a subsidiary of Qureshi Productions Pvt Ltd Mumbai, is one of the fastest-growing music labels that provides a platform for budding talents like singers, music composers, and songwriters.

Aatma recently announced their new groovy song, “Block Na KariyaKar,” featuring star cast BhavinBhanushali and SameekshaSud. The song was written, sung, and composed by BhanuPandit and Anita Bhatt. Creators can now participate in the contest #blocknakariyakar, exclusively on Rizzle, and create their own Filmis and Rimix videos to this head-bobbing number. The hashtag has received an extremely positive response and garnered a ton of attention from the creators and users of the application.

Ayyub Qureshi, Director of Aatma Music, commented on the collaboration, “We at Aatma are thrilled to enter into this collaboration with Rizzle. Rizzle is the right platform for us to reach out to new talents across the globe and feature our music. Being all about music, we appreciate the effort Rizzle takes to incorporate music into its application in new and innovative ways. We are looking forward to seeing how users creatively integrate our exhaustive catalog of songs into their short videos.”

Tabbasum Qureshi, Director, Aatma Music, states, “The partnership between Rizzle and Aatma is one based on the mutual goal of developing creative talent. Rizzle is the leading short videos application with an eye for innovation. Similarly, at Aatma Music, our focus is to churn out fresh tunes and entertain our audiences. Both Rizzle and Aatma Music are committed to nurturing the next generation of artists.”

Sana Afreen, CCO & Staff Program Manager at Rizzle, mentions, “We are pleased to partner with Aatma Music. At Rizzle, we aim to provide a platform for any budding creator and propel them into stardom. And Aatma Music also shares a commitment to promoting fresh talent. We are excited to have their entire music catalog available on Rizzle for creators to create Titans, Filmis, Rimix, and creative videos.”

SrideviGottipati, Principal Program Manager at Rizzle, mentions, “Rizzle started with the vision of building a world-class short video platform that is interactive, positive, and creator-first. Being creator-first, we provide our users with differentiated features to shoot their shot at stardom. Music being imperative in the short video space, we welcome Aatma Music into our ever-growing family and look forward to creating magic together.”

Being the go-to platform for content creators all over the country, Rizzle is democratizing content creation and making it a one-stop shop for aspiring creators, musicians, and budding talents. Download the Rizzle app and get started on your creative journey!


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