Guns, goons and more for Soundarya Sharma as she suprises us all with country mafia

Soundarya Sharma handles the guns and goons with aplomb in the series Country Mafia. It debuted with being the number 1 show as it released. It has major names such as Anita Raj, Satish Kaushik, Ravi Kishan alongside Soundarya . She has to be that good and she had to work on a character which is unlike any of what she is. She absolutely nails the hammer with her portrayal of nannu Singh and she had done more than justice and made it her own. The dialect, the body language and the look on her face throughout the series is on point and the people have taken notice. Guess we would like to hear on her preparation that she shared with us before entering the bigg Boss house. 

She has spoken to us before entering the bigg Boss house and here is what she says, "I had neber held a gun before becoming an actor and it seems it's a thrill. It's also a responsibility and it requires a temperament to handle that even on screen. I had to work towards that as i had many scenes with guns and goons. In fact I am kind of a goon on the series who is after a cause. So it was very important for me to train to be as authentic as possible. I had very little influence in terms of where I derived my inspiration from. I looked into kill bill and those kind of performances and wanted to have absolute unfinching ability while handling the gun. It was good fun but it was a huge adrenaline rush as well and things can go out of hand but i had to be the part while doing it."

A lot of performances are on the way from Soundarya and she is capping up a memorable year and she is here to stay.

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