Khanzaadi Firoza Khan Snubbed by Jad Hadid on Her First Trip to Dubai

In the glitzy world of celebrities, rumors and speculations often swirl around the personal lives of the rich and famous. One recent incident that has left fans and tabloids buzzing with curiosity is the alleged rift between international heartthrob Jad Hadid and the  Khanzadi Firoza Khan. The plot thickened when Jad publicly unfollowed Firoza on Instagram, sparking a whirlwind of questions and conspiracy theories.

The refusal of Jad Hadid to meet Firoza Khan in Dubai sent shockwaves through their fan base. Why would the heartthrob, who is known for his charismatic charm, suddenly snub the enchanting Khanzadi on her inaugural trip?

As social media sleuths scoured their Instagram accounts for clues, the revelation that Jad had unfollowed Firoza Khan added fuel to the fire. In the digital age, unfollowing someone is often seen as a definitive statement of disinterest or discord. 

Amidst this drama, it's worth noting that Jad Hadid is participating in the reality TV show "Temptation Island." However, shedding light on the situation, Jad commented, saying, "I am very busy with my work, and I have a lot of exciting news and shows coming up. I don’t have time for this type of drama in my life. We are with the same management, so I will respect her and wish her all the best with her career, but there is no romantic interest or involvement."

Jad Hadid made it clear that he wants to focus on his career and has no time for such matters, ending the speculation about their rumours.

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