Yendira Ee Panchayithi Movie Review

Movie Name: Yendira Ee Panchayithi 
Cast: Bharath Bade, Vishika Laxman, Thotapalli Madhu, Latha Reddy, Sameer, Prem Sagar, Ravi Varma, Kasi Vishwanath, Vijay and Teja
Director: Gangadhara T
Producer: M. Pradeep Kumar
Banner: Prabhat Creations
Release Date: 6th October 2023

The Friday has come and the films are showing theirs stamina at the Box Office. Yendira Ee Panchayithi is purely a village backdrop film with naturally performed characters which will connect audience in their daily lives. The film has all the elements to engage audience. 


The story starts off in a village with a Jobless Guy Abhi (Bharat) who is habituated to the drinking and lives with a dream to become a police officer even though his education does not succeed to complete his degree. To survive his life he attempts small robberies with his friends to drink everyday. On the other hand, Yamuna (Vishika Laxman) daughter of Rama Chandra Rao (Kasi Vishwanath)  comes to his town and runs tuitions to small kids. Abhi who falls for Yamuna from her college days will have crush on her and decides to join in her tuition to complete his education and settle his life as an SI. 

In a short time, Abhi and Yamuna falls for each other and start thier love life with beautiful moments. Twist in the tale gets Abhi in trouble in the form of Village Elections. An MLA from Abhi's constituency offers huge amount for the development of their village which gets mis leaded with the support of a Ward Member (Sreenu) and Pedda Reddy (Thotapalli Madhu) . A ruckle situation creates a disturbance in Abhi's life with a sudden death of Ward Member on the very next day. 

Unfortunately, Abhi is accused in the murder attempt in the serial murders of a Village Heads. The rest of the story deals with how Abhi proves himself as an innocent guy? Does he succeed his professional life as a Police Officer? Did Yamuna and Abhi won their love is worth watching it on the big screen.


Bharat Bade looks massy on the screen with his best performance throughout the film. His comic timing and combination scenes with his friends is hilarious. 

Vishika Laxman gives all the stuff to the audience with traditional and glam look. Her acting is good and gets decent response from the audience for her love scenes with Bharat.

Latha Reddy justifies her role with perfect timing of her punches in the combination scenes with Vishika Laxman and Bharat. Her talent has given her importance in the movie with equal screen presence as a bestie of Vishika.

Kasi Vishwanath plays a key role and gave his best 

Thotapalli Madhu is good at his comic timing with negative shade role

Sameer as Mahendar Reddy had a less screen time with nice twist in the latter half of the film

Technical Department:

Director Gangadhara T has taken care of the narration with neat and clear execution of the film without diverting from the screenplay. Though the story is predictable, the director has succeeded in presenting the film with all the commercial elements. 

Production Values by Prabhat Creations is decent and the producer M. Pradeep Kumar didn't compromise in making this film for any damn reasons. The filmmaking quality is grandeur on screen.

Music by Peddapalli Rohith (PR) is decent with pleasant background score

Editing by JP is neat and could have been better

Dialogues by Priyanka Erukala and Venkat Palvai connects the audience with humorous punches and emotion as well

Satish Maanam Cinematography is good


Yendira Ee Panchayithi film is a feel good entertainer with all commercial elements set in the village backdrop. This film will engage all age group audience. The first half of the film starts of decently with hilarious scenes. Bharat and Vishika Laxman's on screen love chemistry worked out well in the first half to attract youth. The second half of the film has all the twists to engage audience. The director has clearly narrated the story without any confusion on revealing all the characters by ending the film with simple climax.

RATING: 3/5  

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