Wamiqa Gabbi advocates for a compassionate Diwali Celebration, pleas for people to hone inclusive and empathetic towards the strays

Actress and an animal lover, Wamiqa Gabbi, is using her voice to promote a more responsible and considerate approach towards celebrating Diwali. Recognizing that our four-legged friends don't have a voice, Wamiqa urges people to celebrate with enthusiasm, but with a heightened sense of caution and care for those who share our world without being able to express themselves.

During Diwali, many stray animals face distressing situations such as burns, stress, and sensory overload due to the festivities. Wamiqa Gabbi, a devoted dog mother to a family of rescued and adopted dogs, is intimately aware of the struggles faced by these animals. Her advocacy extends beyond her personal sphere, as she consistently uses her social media presence and public forums to raise awareness about cruelty against animals.

Wamiqa Gabbi emphasizes the importance of considering our furry companions while partaking in the joyous celebrations of Diwali. She appeals to everyone to be mindful of any potential harm caused by noises and pollution, and to take proactive steps to minimize their impact.

In her own words, Wamiqa Gabbi states, "As an animal lover and advocate, I feel a deep empathy for the animals who experience distress during festivals like Diwali. I feel we should celebrate, with grandiose and fervour, celebrate with compassion, but ensuring that our festivities do not inadvertently harm those who cannot speak for themselves. I have always strived to use my voice in whatever capacity through my platforms to make people realise, that celebrating and empathy during such times are both equally important”.

Through her heartfelt plea, Wamiqa Gabbi hopes to inspire a collective effort towards a Diwali that is joyous not only for us, but also for the voiceless creatures who share our world.

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